Qasr Al Watan shines light on inclusivity in honor of World White Cane Day

October 15, 2023

Pertaining to its legacy as a unique cultural landmark, Qasr Al Watan hosted a solidarity march on Monday, October 16th, 2023, in celebration of World White Cane Day, observed on October 15th every year. In collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development and Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired, the march that was open to the public commenced from the bus area in the courtyard of the palace, ending at the main entrance.

As attendees entered Qasr Al Watan, they started their journey at the heart of the Palace, The Great Hall, where one of Qasr Al Watan’s top tour guides started their storytelling journey of traditional Arabian craftsmanship and artistry. From the Great Hall, the group moved on to the immaculate Presidential Banquet Hall, where officials from around the globe experienced true Emirati hospitality.

Attendees also experienced the Spirit of Collaboration, a space where the Federal Supreme Council, the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council come together to express ambitions for the way forward. Members of the Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired were each accompanied by an employee of Qasr Al Watan, ensuring that no detail from the tour was missed as they continued through various zones within The Palace.


To conclude the celebrations, attendees retreated to Al Fowala to enjoy food and drinks, and were presented with gifts as a token of appreciation from Qasr Al Watan, a Palace which embodies the essence of its nation.

Qasr Al Watan is a truly exquisite experience unlike any other for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to explore time and time again. With its architectural marvels, artistic wonders and historical legacy, one visit to Qasr Al Watan is never quite enough. Qasr Al Watan welcomes all visitors daily from 10:00AM to 17:45PM. For more information and to purchase your tickets, please visit