Miral promotes a vibrant, fun and dynamic working culture that gives its employees the opportunity to perform creatively and efficiently. The selection of candidates comes from a long evaluation process to ensure that every employee that joins Miral is a high-caliber candidate that fits in with the culture and ambience of the organization. In Miral, we believe that working together as a team is what makes everything achievable.

We thank you for choosing Miral as your future employer, and we are confident that you if you get accepted you will add value to the company’s growing accomplishments.

Maharaty Training Program
(UAE Nationals)

Maharaty offers a transformative opportunity for UAE Nationals to delve into the vibrant worlds of entertainment, leisure, and tourism. Through immersive training, participants explore an array of career paths, from theme parks operations and hotel management to event planning while gaining invaluable work experience along the way. Emphasizing cultural awareness and communication skills, Maharaty equips graduates with the tools needed to thrive in a globalized industry. Developed by Miral, this initiative underscores a commitment to fostering talent and empowering Emirati youth to excel in diverse professional environments.